English Summary

On this page you find an english summary of ITZ Integration and Therapy Center offers soon.


If you are interrested in our international network (International Short Break Association), follow this link. The next ISBA Conference will be hold in Wroclaw, Poland in September 2023. The Red Cross Wolfenb├╝ttel is part of the worldwide ISBA network, we are proud to represent Germany on the board of ISBA, organizing bi-annual conferences all over the world.

Refugees welcome

These days some families from non-german speaking countries are forced to stay in Germany as a refugee. If you live in the Wolfenb├╝ttel region and have children or other family members with disabilities or special needs, please feel free to contact us.


We can offer you some specific information, help or therapy. You are free to call 05331 / 927 847 2 or E-Mail to info@inkluzivo.de

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